Zipy Go! Biking, Music Everywhere

Although these cold and snowy days are not the best to exit in bike, If you dare, Zipy proposes an interesting accessory that combines the functions of Player, speaker and flashlight on a single computer.

The ZIPI Go! Biking Lantern-shaped and as such it can behave when we couple you an adapter. Without it we would be talking about a player music they are built-in speakers and has an internal memory of 2 Gb and FM radio function. As a flashlight, LED-type, offers us almost 100 lumens, a lot for camping or small faults when there is plenty of light. Also serves as indication when we move at night.

In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer promises between 9 and 12 hours, Depending on what abuse of the speakers, because to be more discreet, it counts with output of 3.5 mm for our headphones. Its price, with support for the included handlebar, is of 70 euros.