You Will Feel The Waves Breaking at Your Feet: The Best Lighthouses to Stay This Holiday

The headlights have a special charm. Some of those old buildings in sea front, surrounded by legends, have been falling into disuse or being replaced by more modern technologies. Already there are few places where maritime traffic depends on a solitary lighthouse keeper, so touched conversion and some of them have given rise to some beautiful boutique hotels.

Traffic light bars, A Coruna

The northernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula It is the stake out of bars. In full Galician Rías Altas, with infinite cliffs and tides, the traffic light hotel is situated 210 metres above sea level and with only six rooms, notably the Hex suite, with windows from which get lost in views that don’t seem to end.

Prices: between 56 and 180 euros, per room per night.

Address: Santa Maria of bars, Manon – A Coruna.

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The Far de Llafranc, Girona

In the former home of posts attached to the lighthouse of Llafranc, we found the charming The Far, on a cliff of 169 metres and surrounded by coves that get lost in the Sun. Its Mediterranean atmosphere rooms seem to be the ideal place to disconnect for a few days.

Prices: between 80 and 180 euros, approximately, per room per night.

Address: Sant Sebastià de Muntanya, Llafranc – Palafrugell (Girona).

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Cap de Creus, Girona

Without moving us from Girona, arrived at the place where the Costa Brava is more fierce than in any other. In full Of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, We found the lighthouse and, at his side, a hostelry open more than 20 years by an English that he loved the area and that, since then, it offers dining in its restaurant and accommodation in the old coaching house attached to the lighthouse.

Address: Cap de Creus. Cadaqués (Girona).

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Spartivento, Sardinia

We escape to one of our favorite islands of the Mediterranean to meet a beacon of luxury hotel. At the southernmost tip of Sardinia, is the Capo-Spartivento, an authentic experience of unforgettable accommodation, with its four suites from 35 square meters, swimming pools and jacuzzis.

Prices: Between 500 and 1,000 euros per room per night.

Address: CAPO Spartivento, Cagliari. Sardinia (Italy).

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Hoyevarde, Norway

Norway, with more of 20,000 kilometres of coastline, It is the paradise of the accommodation in lighthouses. An initiative developed more than 50 lighthouses in unique hotels. One of the most beautiful is that of Hoyevarde, near the city of Stavanger, in the southwest of the country. Is open weekends in June and July for individual guests, and all year for groups stays.

Address: Hydrovegen, 160. Havik (Norway).

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Belle Tout, England

Bell Tout lighthouse opened its doors as a hotel in 2010, after two years of restoration work in this building which dates from 1823. With a few views of the coast of Eastbourne, to the South of the island, it has six rooms with a careful decoration of aires sailors.

Price: from 185 to 275 euros per night.

Address: Hydrovegen, 160. Havik (Norway).

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Harlingen, Netherlands

The lighthouse of Harlingen, in the Netherlands, is one of the most unique accommodation that we have found. And ‘unique’ is literal, since has only one double room, ideal for a romantic getaway (if that’s the idea we have, the accommodation comprises various extras, such as bottles of champagne or delivery of Roses). That Yes, the prices are rather prohibitive.

Price: between 319 and 349 € per night.

Address: Havenweg, 1. Harlingen (the Netherlands).

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