We have already mentioned that LED bulbs will be gradually gaining popularity among users. On the one hand and as main feature its off-peak electric and other longer life will make that despite the difference in price it worth the outlay.

But apart from simple light bulbs gradually incorporate new features. Xataka Smart Home we have seen LED bulbs with Wifi models that allow us to show notifications via color changes. Well, now we bring you a LED bulb with built-in speaker.

Wolverine BRT002 is a set formed by two LED bulbs and each of them includes a wireless speaker 1.1 Watt power. To send the audio to such speakers will have a transmitter to connect to our device using a 3.5 jack connector.

A product the less curious. That with 60m radius of action, from the transmitter to LED bulbs, and possibility to connect up to 6 lights to a single transmitter We should see if we compensate with other solutions. But certainly in offices or waiting rooms could be very interesting.

The price is $ 109,95 and you can buy them individually to expand the set for $65.