With Light Loads Your Mobile: That’s What Raises Microsoft AutoCharge

A group of researchers from Microsoft Research have developed a new Wireless charging system for mobile devices have dubbed that as AutoCharge. This charger, which can for example be located on the roof, detects the smartphone load first and then the recharge by sending light rays through a singular LED flashlight.

The system “search” devices with techniques similar to those used by Kinect to recognize users of the console Xbox 360 or Xbox One, and as soon as it finds a device that responds to the physical features of a smartphone charging, which starts is controlled via Bluetooth or a LED on the phone, allowing that this burden does not continue when the battery is full.

According to researchers the traditional wireless charging systems present several problems, and for example “Wireless charging systems electromagnetic radiation is much higher than the (such as WiFi or 3G) wireless communications. “Therefore security for the human body is a big problem in loading inaambrica”. These problems of radiation are attached to the frequencies used, much lower than the one of the light, and that cause energy waste If the receiver is not big enough.

Microsoft developers apply a system similar to the solar load, which are much more mature and can be applied with direct light rays are much more secure in order to protect our health. Though AutoCharge is currently a prototype, Microsoft Research managers ensure that the devices can detect in seconds and they can be loaded wirelessly as quickly as with a conventional charger cable.

It is only now that smartphones integrated photovoltaic panel It would make this standard process on these devices, but that it would logically that they grow in size. The idea you may have future despite this limitation, which also might be solved with accessories as optional covers that proporcionansen such panels.