Westwing Guide Towicker Table Lamp

The rustic decor enchants and refers to the beauties of the countryside and materials from nature. When investing in wooden furniture and hand-crafted pieces, an object stands out as a wildcard for the most varied environments, because it brings functionality, refinement and style to a space. The wicker lamp, be it small or large, made of natural or synthetic wicker, is perfect to give more warmth and charm to a room, room or hallway.

Placed on a headboard, on a corner table or above a sideboard, the wicker lamp, in addition to bringing more practicality to a space, is still a very special decorative item, as it exalts the beauty of the manual work for the composition of beautiful parts. With the Westwing you know the wonders of the wicker and learn to choose the best wicker lamp. Check it!

The Applications Of Wicker Table Lamp

Are you riding the baby’s room ? To make such a special environment even more welcoming and yummy, how about wagering on a white wicker lamp ?You can also invest in a hygiene kit such as cotton swabs, cotton holders and thermos flasks coated with this material. Organized on top of the exchanger, these items will certainly bring a lot of beauty and functionality to the environment. In a romantic room, the wicker lampshade also gives the tone that was lacking, whether the space is more rustic or worked in light colors.A living room also gains a whole different charm with the beauty of the wicker lamp , which can be your best companion when it comes to relaxing reading a book or talking to friends.

Knowing Types Of Wicker

Basically, there are three types of wicker: the natural, the synthetic and the combination of these two. If you own an older wicker lamp, it will probably be made from natural wicker, which requires some care as the varnish to ensure its durability. The synthetic wicker is usually made of rush or paper and the one that provides greater durability, besides being easy to clean due to having a smoother surface. A custom bedside lamp for a children’s room, for example, may contain character stickers or motifs that refer to the universe of children. If the room is all clear, the white wicker lamp is ideal!

How To Clean Wicker Table Lamp

The wicker furniture is beautiful, charming and very versatile, but they require some care so they are always clean. To sanitize your wicker lamp, we recommend that you remove excess dust with a vacuum cleaner and a brush.Then use tweezers or pliers to remove dirt particles that can not be swept from the small intertwined nooks and crannies on the wicker lamp. A damp cloth complements the cleaning of this piece, which, if well cared for, will beautify your home for many, many years!

Beautiful, original and prominent in the composition of the décor, the wicker lamp emphasizes the beauties of the artisan work and still complements the decoration of your house. It’s worth having a special piece like that!

Westwing: The Extraordinary World Of Your Home!

Nothing like a good read to make us rest our minds after a long day and stimulate our imagination. Relaxation moments should contain elements that provide more comfort to your body and mind.

In addition to a good armchair, another point to look out for is the readingroom lighting. A wicker lamp is indicated for these moments, because it guarantees intimate and cozy luminosity.

Westwing brings a selection of products to help you make your rest by the books even more enjoyable. They are reclining armchairs, table lamps, lampshades, puffs and blankets, to leave you comfortable and ready to embark on great stories. Register and always stay within the news of the world of décor!