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Mini Rechargeable Auto Flashlight, no batteries needed, 2-LED dynamo system, recharges and eliminates the use of batteries, ideal. And you can get more from TOPBBACOLLEGES.

To always carry everywhere, leave in the car, home, travel, needed just call …

A souvenir that your guests will always keep and use!!!!

Total Size (LxW):

5.0cm x 9.7cm

Personalized with Transparent Vinyl Sticker.

Table of Values Mini Rechargeable Personalized Flashlight

From 20 to 49 units each one goes out

From 50 to 99 units each goes out

From 100 to 200 units each

From 201 to 300 units each one goes out

NOTE: The Unit Value of each product varies according to the Quantity purchased:

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Do you own a store? Yes, we have a physical store, and we are a virtual store Contact us and schedule your schedule with us and come to know our complete line of products, it will be an immense pleasure to receive them in our showroom.
Do you serve orders outside of São Paulo? We meet requests from all over Brazil. Since our orders are sent by the Post Office.
How much is the freight? The freight amount depends on the delivery location and the total weight of the order that varies from product to product.
Do you submit Layout templates for our Approval? After closing the order and receiving all the information, we developed 3 options of models for choosing the client and sent for approval via email.
Can I change the layout template of a product I saw on the Site?Yes you can.Our art department will elaborate the models according to preference and taste of the client being indifferent if it is with Photo, Caricature, Drawings of Nozzles Colors and etc.

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