Visualight, LED Bulb with WiFi Which Sample Notifications by Changing Color

A few weeks ago I spoke of LIFX, the smart LED bulb that is controlled via iOS and Android. Today we bring you a product of similar but with some variations in style.

It is of Visualight, a LED bulb with WiFi connectivity built-in it is designed to notify us of all kinds of messages and events through changes of color and intensity.

By 256 different shades of color, the light is capable of Let us know of different events preprogrammed or ourselves schedule changing our environment lighting. For example, we can tell you that when we get an email turns green, when there is an error in such or which system red, turns when we have an update to a contact on Facebook that put purple… etc.

Many of these events and alerts are available to select in the web of the product (which at the moment is seeking funding through kickstarter), but one of the most interesting features is that each user or company can create their own events, since it is of open source and facilitate full access to the API.

This they hope that it is possible to invent all endless applications for domestic environments can not even imagine, but when we see them in safe operation will think to how had not thought you of this before anybody? For example, all related applications with the Internet of things, with situations of the type If This Then That, with the measurement of parameters of our environment (temperature, pressure, quality of air or water), etc..