Various Garmin: Radar and Intelligent Lighting to Improve Our Safety on The Bike

Garmin He has presented many novelties a few hours, all them to the world of cycling. Among them, we are left with the family of devices Various, It aims to make circulation more secure by using radar and smart lighting systems.

As you might expect, Garmin has prepared new devices to operate in line with the computers for bicycles that already has on the market, referring to the popular Edge. In short, the most important thing in the presentation have been following two gadgets:

Various Rearview Bike Radar

As its name indicates, it is a radar-based system that is riding on the back of the bike, in the seatpost, as any light could. Takes care to warn us of what is approaching, sending information to the items we have on the handlebar.

Garmin earlier this year bought a company called iKubu, I was just working in an East product and decided to seek funding on Kickstarter. It was not necessary since the acquisition by Garmin allowed them to take it to a real product in less than seven months.

In seven months have released a product that iKubu people, had virtually created absorbed by Garmin

The radar works with the Garmin proprietary anchoring system, so it is easy to find mounts for it. It is something very important in the system that not only warns the closeness of a vehicle to come from behind, but that in this approximation, the device has a red light that intensifies – horizontally- so that the driver sees you better.

How contact us? Well there are two ways, or we put on the handlebar the gadget created for the occasion, showing the proximity with a few icons that light up, or we twinning it with a Garmin Edge, which will incorporate the information with the rest of the data shown. In both cases the transmission is wireless.

I have had the opportunity to consult different tests that exist in the network of the system varies, and the reality is that it is very smart with objects that should be recognized, ignoring those who are parked, trees, or people who attack us from behind.

The radar without the display price is 199 euros, if we want the complete set we’re going to 299 EUR. It will be on sale in the third quarter of the year. Do not forget me, both devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Various Smart Bike Lights

Lights fit its intensity according to the speed at which we spread, and light alone if there is little ambient light

Maybe it’s a set of lights – rear and front – adjusting brightness and angle according to information collecting GPS that I have been on the bike. That is why sell us them as intelligent, with many functions if we link it with an Edge device.

First, the front light – 100 lux to 10 meters – may change in intensity depending on the speed that we make, also takes information from the sensor of ambient light from the Edge to connect the lights automatically, for example, when entering a tunnel.

The same applies to the rear unit, you can also do the times of intermittent if we connect two, in a setting designed for those purposes. In any case, the connections are made using ANT + technology.

How much the invention? As it is not cheap, front light sale for 199 euros, while for the back we are asked to 69 euros. If we opt for a combo with everything, we get by 299 EUR, and we understand that the price is higher by that will consist of two rear units.

Lack of try in first person how all these systems, we can more than thank Garmin that you are making so many advances for the safety of the rider. Also striking how fast has been taking to sell a product that actually created another company. We hope that in the future they dare to give it functionality together with their action, the VIRB Action Camera cameras.

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