Twist Together, Set Up Your Own Led Lamp

If you don’t like the designs and shapes of the lamps that you can find on the market and you think that you could Configure something better, if small constructions games liked you as LEGO, are lucky lamp Twist Together designed so that your seas that uniting their parts as you like design your own model, There is the option of purchasing the parts in bright colours as is the LEGO or also in ochre and Brown, somewhat more discrete.

The lamp is made of plastic and acrylic materials in general and uses light bulbs of LEDs low-power, each set of more or less half a dozen parts, cost around 100 euros, there are on sale at several sites on the internet and we have lucky to find any offer, obviously bigger lamp that we want to create more expensive will leave us because we need more pieces, some impressive proposals have been already.

The configurations that they can get with these pieces, ranging from the simplest, sets of four or six cubes placed symmetrically or asymmetrically, alternated in color… to the most complicated, real large sculptures which occupy a good part of a wall, trees, various geometrical and abstract provisions… Each one is free to place the pieces as you want until you get the result that you like most, in addition is not definitive, we go by changing or adding parts slowly to the lamp to improve the result.

I leave you some pictures of the ideas that they have already seen in the network, if they can help you to choose your own design.

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