Tubular LED did not Generate Savings. Why?

The LED has been a long-sought alternative to save energy in the electricity bill, but there are many people who end up frustrating when buying a LED tube lampas an example. Let’s talk about one of the reasons.


Bought a LED cored but not generate savings.What to do?

Alternatively to save electricity on account of light the LED became common among Brazilians. In this way there was a great demand in search of LED, this is due to the economy that it can generate. For example: “a LED T8 tube lamp 19W offered by LED Planet You can substitute with great efficiency 40W fluorescent light, generating savings of up to 60% on electrical energy. One of the factors is that absorbs 80% of fluorescent heat to generate only 20% of luminosity in against the LED departure 5% heat and absorbs generates 95% of luminosity.We can even highlight the glowing (no longer sold more, as said in previous matters, because many people still use it), she absorbs 95% heat to generate 5% of luminosity.

Looking at the LED T8 tube-19W is a lot more advantageous because it saves more energy. However, many people buy the bulb and end up frustrating, because she’s just not generating or economy is burning too fast. But why is that? The first factor to consider is the escape of the mains voltage, whether in a company or in a residence. It is very common and even lamps as LED cored that quote above burn, apart from the waste of electricity.

If you replace conventional lamps of your company or home and not feel the economy, or even if she is burning with ease, consider this tip! Look at your electric structure, see if you’re not having energy leaks. The ideal is to develop the habit in perform periodic reviews on electrical installation with the help of an electrician, this habit can cause you to be surprised with the economy in the next invoices.