Tricks to Visually Enlarge a Space with Artificial Lighting

Lack of space is one of the main problems that we encounter when starting a decorative project in our homes. In fact if you have arrived to this article is because you are facing this problem and are looking for ideas and tricks to get you to make your room look larger than it is.

Tricks To Visually Enlarge A Space With Artificial Lighting

Unfortunately we don’t have a magic wand that can give us 10 square meters more of the room with a single click (what you pay all this, right?), but yes I’ve informed of tips to increase the feeling of spaciousness of a stay using only artificial lighting.

And it is one of the main tricks to enlarge a room is to be able to enlarge the visual spaciousness of this. This will not put more elements in space (since the meters are those that are), but yes it will get the most important thing: that the elements that make up our decor look with style, something which we will achieve through the effects of artificial light.

The lighting of a stay is an essential factor to enhance (or failing to spoil) interior. A correct lighting is a perfect complement to improve an decoration, while a poor lighting It can spoil the beauty of furniture and a few well chosen accessories.

And once we’ve talked about the effects lighting decoration household, let already to see the tricks that will help us improve the airy feel of a stay using light.

The intensity of the light choice is an essential aspect, because little light will seem that the stay is even smaller, and the same will happen if we use too much light. A trick to know the light you need is to feel that the room is well lit, but with a light that does not overwhelm you. And it is where lighting is excessive we will feel overwhelmed and feel eye strain.

The type of lamps you use also must be considered. You should avoid the floor lamps because what we want is to save space. You can change these by wall sconces, which will make the same function without taking up useful space.

If the room you want to “win amplitude” there are shelves or furniture with glass showcases,illuminates the internal furniture area. By placing points of light internally in these elements to avoid the effects of shadows that occur inside and thus space visually enlarges.

Another trick is to focus light towards the mirrors of the stay. We have always stated that the mirrors are perfect for increasing the illumination of an area, because they reflect all the light they receive. If in the room you’re working you have lively put a mirror to help you benefit, place a spotlight that points you to leave your light reflected by far.

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