Trick Express: Lighpainting for Portraits with a Flashlight and a Little Paper

With a little imagination many things are possible. From DIYPhotography us again proposed an interesting and curious way to do portraits. A flashlight, a little of paper, mandatory use of tripod and little else is more than enough to make some curious results.

Who offers us this simple technique is Eric Pare, a Canadian photographer who, in addition, to complete this simple technique with the use of numerous cameras around the models to achieve results in 360 ° as which you can see below.

Focusing on making a decision of this kind we have to situate ourselves in a dark room and with little light, preferably in total darkness. The exposure time can be in a second. Put the model and indicate the pose that we want as well as that it has of permanenecer in that position it still possible for a couple of seconds.

We put the camera on the tripod, shooting and adjust the focus. We are ready. Establish a second exposure to start testing and on that basis we adjust the aperture and the corresponding ISO. Lighting our flashlight-antorcha and quickly perform the movement top to bottom as shown in Eric. In a few tests insurance that we already have everything set.

As final details, Eric, recommended us to wear black clothes to not go into the outlet, use an exposure time of no more than one second to leave the model not moved, try with different forms of papele as well as headlight has some 200 lumens at least.