This Ring Light Aims to Improve The Quality of Your Night Selfies

If you think that the industry is becoming a little crazy with the fashion of the selfies, today I bring you another reason to accompany your arguments, which they surely include feared clubs to self-portraits or arms for solitary photos.

The invention that concerns us is the provisional name of Kira and it is being developed by the Japanese photographer Julie Watai. Basically consists in a ring of LEDs it emits a powerful light that take pictures even in zero ambient lighting situations.

Its installation and use are very simple, because there is only that place it on the phone’s front camera using a kind of clip and is already, we can begin to take pictures in the dark like crazy, avoiding the typical problems of overcapacity shadows and grain by lack of light. Useful, absurd? Well that already have to judge each one depending on the use you want to give. The technical results seem good, as shown by the following images:

The concept itself is quite interesting and in fact used in the conventional photography to improve performance in low light. The problem comes when a not exactly small accessory We always take with us to get those “improvised” photos that are the selfies, wherever we go.

At the moment it’s a project that is looking for financing on a Japanese platform, and given the traditional taste of the Japanese market buying different products, probably out soon on sale at a price still unknown.