These Bulbs from GE Is Adapted to Your Circadian Rhythms

Light influences considerably in our behavior, mood and vitality to the daily challenges. That is why one of the trends of connected households through the management and the precise control of lighting, as they want to make the new GE bulbs.

In particular, his series “C” models (C) Life and Sleep C they want to help us manage lighting House and even to improve our way of going to sleep. How?

First of all we have the most basic model, the Life, that works like most LED bulbs on the market enabling us to adjust the intensity We liked from an application for mobile and fit our needs.

But the most interesting is C Sleep, It has been conceived to go adjusting the lighting, the intensity and the color temperature gradually throughout the day to adapt to our circadian rhythms and help us improving the production of melatonin sleep.

The application has several pre-programmed modes, but allows you to customize the lighting depending on the habits of life of each user depending on their schedules and particular tastes. In addition, it facilitates control of several light bulbs at the same time. Is your price? They will go on sale on the website of the company from January 2016 for $50.