The Was of The Cameras at Night a Color Is Here, and It Is Capable of Converting The Night in Day

When we talk about cameras at night the first thing that comes to mind is that greenish aspect that we offer to allow us to see in the dark. It seems that time to forget all that and welcome now is to the night cameras ‘color’.

The SPI company is presenting its new camera X 27, that in theory will allow us to see in the dark to full color, come on, as if you turn night into day. This is achieved through the use of a 10 megapixel sensor capable of detecting in real time HD images at 60 Hz with minimum noise, where the key is in the 5 million ISO sensitivity that it has.

SPI X 27

Thanks to this sensitivity is capable of capturing images without lighting, but with a wide color gamut that gives the appearance of as if was recording in full light of day. As an example we have the following video that has been published by the same company where we can see the 27 X in action.

According to SPI, the video was filmed in the desert of Nevada, near Las Vegas, where as incredible as it seems, we are seeing a scene in complete darkness where you can even see some lights on at the far.

Thanks to these capabilities, the 27 X is also capable of perceive the presence of infrared rays. Your design can be adapted to various formats depending on the activity where you will be used, where even goals can be him to expand the range of vision and capabilities.

The company has not yet published the price that will have this camera, but in knowing that its use will be mainly for military tasks, We can already imagine that it will not be anything cheap.