The Bulb “Responsive” That Tea Allows You to Save in The Invoice Is Called Alba

In something as simple in appearance as a light bulb It is where we are lately seeing more attempts to modernize households and bring us closer to a house where more objects are connected together. We have seen proposals of all kinds and even security problems posed. Today we see a concept very clear: saving energy at home.

Alba It is in the words of Stack, its creators, a “responsive” bulb. In other words, a light bulb that learns of our applications and the hours to give us in every moment of the day light we need. Very bright or very dark, also make sure that it shuts down one so we don’t have to worry about us for you to switch.

The light at each time

Thanks to a light motion sensor turns on and off automatically When we enter or leave a room. In addition to the supply of, includes a LED which will be used for coloring the light of each quarter depending on the time of day it is capable of detecting the light coming through the window and adjust as well, warm or cold, according to each time.

The bulb It is connected by WiFi for in addition to learning the data we give each day at home also to take as reference the rest of lights installed across the world. We will see how to use this latest database to get out. Of course, all these measures are aimed to consume less electricity and optimize consumption.

It is true that it is not the first bulb that includes movement. However, There is something that is really good: be smart without need to include an application for the mobile phone that will allow us to make a lot of changes that are mostly unnecessary.

We buy the bulb)$150 pair), install it and configure it to our WiFi network. Nothing to use the smartphone as a switch. Alba turns one, fits all the time and we have nothing else to do. The proposal is very interesting, although time price check a bit to replace all bulbs home.