The Best Flashlights for Bicycles: Urban Lights

Everything about the urban lights we can talk about is nice. The quality of construction, how easy to use they are and the sturdy mount they have, the optics, extra side LEDs and all the little details add up.

Despite its name, the urban is suitable for any type of bicycle. Of all the lights I have tried, the urban ones are by far the best optics they have. Extend a very uniform light, without any excess food and without dead zones.

Today we are going to put a little serious and let’s talk about powerful lights for bicycles and well-known brands, let’s start in fact from one of the most successful series of bike lights the L & M urban 2.0 series available in 800, 650, 500 and 350 lumens, which are waterproof IP67.Personally I have tried the Urban 350 and Urban 800. The 350 is more than enough to go to work, cycling routes in urban stretches or asphalted and even unpaved road.

Very good bicycle lights compared to other lights in the 300-400 lumens range, it looks brighter because the optics are so well designed that they make efficient use of light. The urban 500 is probably the best value for money, although it is more than enough light for most users, has a long duration in the low power configuration, and currently costs less than € 100 and will probably be the sale At Amazon and other third-party stores for an even lower price soon. The urban 800 is worth the extra expense especially if you take long walks, and you use dirt roads, where a good visibility is a must, here is where I recommend you buy this type of focus for bicycle

There are a few more reasons to buy lights from this brand. Their customer service is fast, friendly and helpful. Their lights are manufactured by them (not subcontracted), and assembled by hand, in Marina, USA; One of the last light manufacturers that continue to do all the assembly in the United States. In addition, it was the first manufacturer of bicycle lights to adopt the FL1 standard, an industry benchmark for flashlights that measures and checks the brightness, battery life, water resistance. L & M is advocating for the wider adoption of the standard FL1 in the bike light market, so consumers know that the lights they buy are actually as bright as the label’s claims.

The series of 350, 500 lumens available in amazon


In my opinion one of the brands of lights that best value for money we will find, in fact do not exceed 50 euros, but if they have more than decent benefits.

The Cygolite streak 310 is almost identical to the Cygolite Metro lights, but in a smaller, lighter package.With a constant maximum intensity, with its 310 lumens it is more than bright enough to illuminate the road even in places where street lighting is not available, and day-lightning mode can boost its flashing up to 500 lumens for visibility during the day Of output. The streak also includes Cygolite’s constant pulse mode to light our path while still providing us with extra visibility at night. We have for sale less than 50 € in amazon, and it is without a doubt the most versatile light we have seen at a good price.

I have not tried the 310 in person yet, but last year’s 280 streak was one of my favorites, and the new 310 streak has the same features with more lumens, so it should be a great choice. With 30 lumens more it sits in the market of powerful lights for cheap bicycles.


Bontrager is a new face in the multitude of powerful bike lights  and the Ion 700 took many by surprise when it debuted last year. It has several packages of many well designed features, in fact already has some of the best. The assembly is simple and easy to use, the “beam” model is one of the best in this price range, it has a fast flash and visible in daylight and a constant pulse option at night is of course rechargeable in USB . It also has side visibility lights – though not as good as the L & M Urban side lights, which are much better than the small cuts found on the Cygolite and USL Serfas-305 streak.

With a power of 700 lumens and a price of about 120 € (not to mention all the features mentioned above), this light is the best explosion for your buck, surpassing many more expensive lights. I have had problems finding for sale in some places-Bontrager says he has been selling so well he has problems to keep up with the demand, at the moment I have no link to amazon but you have similar lights and with similar prices in china lightinthebox.