Tapes of Led: A Good Bet for Your Lighting!

Mainly used in decorative lighting and signage, the Tapes LED won the popular tastes and have become the big bets for decoration in environments conventional.

Tapes of Led A Good Bet for Your Lighting!

The tone differentiated states, the naturalness of the lighting in the LED strip can provide outstanding lighting usual and a lot more safety in installation and maintenance.

Where it is possible to use Tapes of LED?

The tapes are generally used to highlight and decorate certain environments.

To provide comfort and mystery, the ideal is to keep them hidden, creating an effect simple lighting. Behind headboards or panels, in the garden, handrail or floor of the stairs they can be useful, because they have good luminous efficiency, and decorate the place.

Lighting corporate

They attribute the charm and receptivity. Can decorate the balconies, to highlight the panels and totems, and even internally, the Tapes may provide visual comfort, and pockets of interesting light.

Lighting in display windows

For being intense and at the same time subtle the storefronts and facades gain prominence and elegance with the lighting well-directed of the Tapes LED.

Residential Lighting

The Tapes LED also work well in residential lighting. In the panel of the TV, on the stairs, on the ceiling of the kitchen, for example, they bring charm and mystery to the decor of the home.

The multiple LEDS can offer advantages?

·         Durability

The quality of the LED is set by the chip used. The LEDs of good quality can have useful lives between 50 and 100 thousand hours. Besides having good resistance to climate change.

·         Variation of shades

The wide possibility of variation of shades of the Strips of LED’s are the key point to be used as decoration or signs. It is possible to use Ribbons of various colors, without opening hand of the economy and security.

·         Low power

The Tapes are voltage 12 and so in need of a drive to work. Because they require low power, can be easily installed in low places, such as stairs and floors, even with the low humidity.

·         Light safe

The Tapes of LED do not change the temperature of the environment does not melt away the heat. Not emit Ultraviolet ray or Infrared, providing safety in the installation and use of the product.

Know before you install:

  • The classification of RGB Strips LED indicates that are colored
  • The power of the Strips of LED vary according to the product.
  • Some models have double sided tape on the back side, facilitating the installation.
  • The control of some Tapes may command the variations of luminous intensity.


Decorative lighting is more affordable than you can imagine!

With practice installation, economical and safe it is possible to improve the decor of your home without complications or large additional expenses.

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