Spend The Night in Dracula’s Castle? Few More Terrifying Ways of Celebrating Halloween Occur to Us

Bran Castle, in the heart of Transylvania (Romania), has gone to the legend as Dracula’s Castle, Since the writer Bram Stoker was inspired by it to liven up his mythical novel. The Castle has become one of the main tourist attractions of the area, where the traditions of the Carpathians are interspersed with the merchandising of vampires. And, now, AirBnb gives us a chilling possibility: spend the night in the Castle.

If dressing the characters of the moment you or make a Pajama Party with horror movies no longer think plan enough for this year, can try to participate in the competition with AirBnb will award two lucky travelers with the possibility of sleeping in Bran… in a coffin in a castle from the 13th century. Lovely, huh?

A horse carriage will pick the winners at sunset. A descendant of the own Bram Stoker will make them a guided tour the 57 rooms of the Castle, before driving them to a dinner private in the light of the candles in the large dining room. The experience is completed with the descent into the crypt, where two coffins lined velvet will be the bed for that night.

To participate in the contest, you just have to register on the page that AirBnb has approved and write an original request, ranging from 50 to 550 characters in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. The only requirement is to be 18 years. Non-residents in the area will have the flight to Romania included in the prize, so, panic aside, there’s no denying that it is a prize that is worth.

Of course, the prize rules include the prohibition of carrying objects containing garlic or smell to it, the recommendation of not put cutlery in a cross, prevent silver jewelry, beware of bats and, of course, forget the selfies in the mirror if we encounter the count. Without a doubt, the winners will live a way different (and somewhat scary) Halloween.