Sengled Click Link Te Allows to Listen to TV and Mobile from The Lights of The House

Sengled presented in CES 2017 a curious invention designed to transmit the sound of different devices (and especially a TV) wirelessly to a LED bulb with built-in speaker. It was the press Link, a team that has now put on sale and which we have known more details.

Basically we have a kit composed of two elements: the wireless transmitter He must connect the sound source and the satellite bulbs that they receive the signal via Bluetooth and play in stereo or mono if we only use one if we connect two or more.

The system is controlled from a mobile application that allows you to select what bulb will play the sound source. This is connected to the transmitter via a Cable 3.5 mm jack or one 3.5 mm on one end and RCA on the other which is included in the package.

The speakers integrated into the bulbs do not offer spectacular performance due to the reduced size of its drivers, who remain in a discrete 1.75 inch with power of 13 Watts amplification and a 100 Hz-20 KHz frequency response, so it can let less some more serious when it comes to listening to music.

Light bulbs, on the other hand, offer the equivalent to 600 lumens (about 55 watts of a conventional incandescent model) with a mixed intake (light bulb more sound) of between 15 and 30 watts.

Price and availability

Sengled click Link kit is already available on its website by 199,90 EUR and includes two light bulbs press satellite and press Link adapter. In addition, the adapter is available separately at a price of 99,90 EUR.