See Renault F1 Within Ten Years? Hybrid Engines, LED Lighting and Transparent Helmets

It will be ten years, but the colors are still recognizable, that black and yellow dress firm Renault, with a very different design competition, obviously. The R.S. 2027 of Renault Sport It is a concept that tells us where you want to go the French company, what is your vision of the Formula 1 of the medium-term future. It also tells us that she wants to be there.

What we are not is a real vehicle, it is a recreation that tells us more than it seems, beyond design. The first thing we need to know is that Renault continues to believe that within a decade the propulsion of the vehicle will be hybrid. Or what is the same: half gasoline, half power.

The full electricity seems that follows leaving it to the Formula E, that then you should be competing in parallel with Formula 1, but in different competitions. The vehicle traction would be total, We remind you that now the motor force is going to the rear wheels.

A transparent helmet

This vision of the 2027 F1 was presented by Renault at the Shanghai Auto Show

Whatever it is them cars still showing its wheels in the air and relatively similar forms, the main change is in the ‘capotada’ structure of the cockpit. This translates to greater security for the pilot, which also would have with a transparent helmet that it would have a field of view greater.

Along with security, Renault invites you to place autonomous systems driving connected automatically in the event of an accident has occurred and the driver does not have form, clear the area.

The other striking thing at first glance is the introduction of LED lighting, to see and be seen, also to inform an active system: on the wheel spin is the car or its position could represent.

Car only officer accomplished electrically when in the pits, in track will continue consuming fuel