S2 Sports Walkman Presented Officially

Do you remember this kind of flashlight that Sony said that it was a musical device and that still has not had announced officially? Already, is called S2 Sports Walkman and comes, as we said, with the capacity to choose 1 ($120) or 2 GB ($150).

Moreover, novelty that we did not know is that the gadget in question carries a Sony technology denominated g-sensor that allows change of playlist or songs depending on your pace more or less fast. Doesn’t it sound you nothing this technology? In fact, it does the same thing the Nike + iPod Kit.
It has built-in FM radio and battery, with 18 hours, they recharge in three minutes to give you another three hours of music while you exercise. And if you recharge while you exercise?

As also we knew already, it takes calories and distance meter, it is water resistant and compatible with various formats of audio.

In addition, the price is not exorbitant, which is a relief.