Retrofit Project: Prison to Jury Cafe

The scenario where worked until 1997 the arrest of Pentridge village gave way to a retrofit project that would result in a beautiful coffee.

Who carried out the project was the Biasol design studio, which had the opportunity to create the Jury Cafe in the historic boundaries of Melbourne, Canada.

Although wishing to respect the dark side of the prison, the designers wanted to give a “fresh air” to the site so that customers can have the best experience possible to attend the coffee.

The challenge resulted in an architecture full of raw materials and totally natural.

The concrete mix, structural wood and plywood created a geometric and triangular pattern with multiple shades of color on the walls. The ceiling was also coated plates plywood continuing the pattern created.

From this it was created a contrast between the dark walls of blue stone and the palette of bright colors and light wood.

This brought to the interior atmosphere of the café a playful effect that animated the atmosphere and allowed space to overcome the function previous one, embracing a sense of fun to the future.

In addition to this setting, the decor comes with tables and chairs sized and small plants that bring life to the space.

The internal vegetation was provided by Pop Plant, a company specializing in practical plans for areas of the city.

The contemporary and raw environment has also played in the lighting space. The designers have invested in Red pending by connecting the lamps in its most primary state.

The leteiro with coffee name was made of plywood with LED lights.