Projections on The Road by Using LED Lighting, The Next Mitsubishi

In the world of cars we have seen many things, so some surprised more than others with the news, but I do not deny that the idea proposed by Mitsubishi It has its grace and point of innovation. The Japanese are showing a concept in which there are projections of by means.

If you work in real life, it would seem to me very useful, since it is an additional way to inform other What is making our car, others will know more about our actions, instantly. I think that she is clear in the images, the signs are projected on the floor.

The division Mitsubishi Electric is the one that is giving shape to these particular indicators, from a system of LED lighting, that projects on all four sides of the vehicle. It will indicate the path and direction of travel that we take, something that has an impact on safety, especially in low light situations.

Cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles will see you approach that We are preparing to open a door When the vehicle is parked, always complicated situation, both in order to circulate on the road, like those who go down the sidewalk.

We have recently seen a Mercedes and BMW playing with something, face to illuminate the area where passengers enter. It is called Welcome Light Carpet and it premiered at the BMW series 7 of this year. It also uses LED lighting and you can see it in operation in the following video:

Turning to the work of Mitsubishi Electric, promise us that they will teach the coming week in the Tokyo Motor Show.