Program Elements of Your Life through The Clicks of This Button in Pocket

With the passage of time we have witnessed the proliferation of devices that seek to bring Automation to our daily life, providing us with actions before requiring all of our intervention, it is as well as they have emerged from intelligent light bulbs to locks, all connected to each other, or via our smartphone.

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign is as we know Qmote, a kind of Llavero-boton – remote control being able to program through clicks, same that trigger actions to other devices or programs, where one of its strengths is its compatibility with recipes from TWITTERFEED.

A remote control compatible with almost everything

The idea of the programmable button is not new, but the biggest problem presenting devices of this type is the limiting of clicks or actions to be programmed, and in Qmote This setting has no limits, Since is based on long or short clicks and combinations between them no matter it is a click or several, so the possibilities are very spacious.

Qmote is connected to our smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and with an application, by the time intended for iOS and Android, we connect to different devices in our home or office, same that already have support for TWITTERFEED recipes such as thermostats Nest, bulbs Hue, SmartThings, mobile WeMo, Harmony, end devices.

On the other hand, we can also schedule actions to perform in our smartphone, for example, clicks activate the camera with two flash to use it as a flashlight, two short clicks Open navigation, one long and one short trigger music on Spotify, and thus program what happens us. In case outside little, it has “presentation mode” that will connect to your computer regardless of either Mac or Windows, and from the Qmote control slideshow without activating other functions.

Qmote is made of brushed aluminum exterior with a weight of just 6 grams, certification IPX7 which makes it water proof and a replaceable battery, which, according to its creators, provides up to 12 months of intensive or 60 thousand clicks. It is supported from iPhone 4s, iPad 3 and devices Android 4.4.

Qmote has already exceeded the goal seeking at Kicksarter and if we want to we can get one either in gold or grey at a price of 19 dollars with international shipping from May this year.