Planet LED along with GACC #Lutapelavida

Campaign Happy Mcday making a difference in #lutapelavida many children and adolescents of the GAAC entity will happen this Saturday August 29 day 2015.

GACC #lutapelavida

The GACC (support group for children with cancer of Rio Claro) provides a specialized and quality care to children and adolescents from 0 to 24 years with cancer and haematological diseases Chronicles of Rio Claro and four cities in the region.

The main objective of the GACC is facilitating to children and adolescents with cancer and haematological diseases, living with the disease in order to adapt the treatment and can put it with the least damage possible to the psychic and social development.

The project offers families a wide social support, assistance with the following benefits:

  • Transport to Treatment centres;
  • Distribution of Food;
  • Cost of Medicines;
  • High complexity tests (MRI, CT images, etc);
  • Laboratory and radiological examinations;
  • Aid to families (cost of tickets and food);
  • Dental care;
  • Social care;
  • Psychological care;

Psycho-pedagogical activities to users and their families;

It is composed of employees, volunteers and assisted. A Union that benefit children and adolescents in the city of Rio Claro and region.

This Saturday morning August 29, 2015 Planet LED Importer will be participating in the campaign happy mcday, known worldwide. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for the maintenance and development of the activities carried out by the entity in your day to day.

To take part you can get in touch via telephone (19) 3534.5612. Come be a contributor of #lutapelavida of the entity GACC!