Philips SlimStyle: New Flat LED Bulbs That Promise Up to 22 Years of Use

Philips is trying to innovate with regards to the lighting in the home We already know, and proof of this are its products of the ambilight range, its Hue LED bulbs or lamps for kids Disney-Philips.

Well, it seems that he wants to continue to do so, as evidenced by the newly submitted flat LED bulbs Philips Slimstyle.

The flat design as password feature, these new LED bulbs, which consume just 10 w. will however offer a equivalent light an incandescent bulb of 60 W, It offers a light similar to a 60W bulb.

But perhaps what most stands out is in its working life, ensure from Philips can reach 22 years, almost a quarter of a century.

Stakeholders, will go on sale from next month from January, priced unconfirmed, although we know that being cheap LED technology will not be.