The incandescent bulb’s life is already almost museum piece, replaced by the energy saving light bulbs, more expensive but also more durable. Above these, there is still another step of bulbs of high technology, which used LED technology. As well, Philips has just won a contest since launched by the U.S. Department of energy to design a perfect light bulb that replaced the traditional 60-Watt with the same qualities of light, but with less consumption.

The contest of the American State Agency was endowed with $ 10 million, but best of all is that the Philips proposal, although we cannot be the slightest doubt that is excellent, was also the only one that was presented in competition. It seems that on the other side of the pond, companies that manufactured light bulbs (if it is that they exist, that we already doubt it) are not very interested in energy saving or not learn of competitions. In the end, the Philips 60W Replacement Bulb the award has been.

Designed by Philips light bulb has the merit of wear with the warmth and intensity of a 60 watt incandescent light bulb, something that is not so simple to achieve only with LEDs. The consumption of this new bulb is a 83% lower than the conventional, and lasts 25 times longer time with a brightness of 1,100 lumens. Its price, that Yes, also is painfully expensive. In the United States will be sold by $18 unit starting from the coming year. Models with more power (equivalent to 75 and 100 Watts) are also more expensive.

The Department of energy estimates that the replacement of traditional light bulbs from Philips allow Save 35 terawatt hour, enough to give electricity to 18 million average American households.