Philips Master LED, LED Bulb Reaches The Consumer Market

The LED technology It has moved one step closer to entering House big. With TVs and screens it was making it almost without that we notice it, but now that Philips It has brought to market its Master LED bulb, just wait for that logic put these bulbs in households.

Philips already has on the market their LED bulbs , and as we can see, they are compatible with our existing equipment using standard Cap. This type of light bulbs have a lifespan that it will be around 45,000 hours, but its benefits are more in another way.

Regarding light bulbs that we now know as of low consumption, LED bulbs from Philips operate at full performance from the light, all this with a consumption of up to 80% less. Another key point is that they are not heated and does not contain any gas or mercury.

The consumption the classic light bulb, but in version LED will be only 7 w (when not generating heat is more efficient), a step forward brutal if you look at the more than 80 W that can consume a traditional light bulb at home. That Yes, the price at the moment is very high, 50 euros the bulb, and so suddenly, costs to sit to do calculations and check compliance life and low consumption, until it is quite profitable regarding the current.