Philips and his interest in the lights comes from long. From the Philips Wake up until systems Ambilight experience who have not discussed anyone. Now add to led bulbs with internet access offer with the Philips hue.

The Philipd hue is one LED bulb capable of connecting to the internet, using an accessory which will be previously connected to our router. The purpose of connect the bulb to the internet is neither more nor less than to control it from an application available for different mobile platforms.

In this way, from our smartphone we will be able to control the power, both House connected to the LAN from outside of House. Also you can set your power as well as create an environment better suited to every situation thanks to the different shades of color that you can select.

The price of each bulb is 59 euros. We will initially buy a pack consisting of three light bulbs over the link with our router for 200 euros. A price that expensive home but who, seeing the prices of other similar products is not expensive. Definitely a good way to automate and control home lighting.