OSRAM Light Finder, Mobile Application to Choose The Perfect Bulb. The Tested

To mobile phones of today it is missing them practically nothing, is the great amazing number and variety of applications that we can find in them and how much some of them can help us in our day to day. Many firms of things for the home have a own help us from a decorative point of view.

In Decoesfera we have already tested many of them such as Ikea, Zara Home, applications that help us when it comes to decorating or paint of and today we test the new application of the Osram lighting firm. The so-called application OSRAM Light Finder It aims to help us choose light bulbs.

We are not going to deceive, Choose light bulbs Today it is difficult, there is so much variety that it is difficult that one knows why decide and further understand the why of the advantages of choosing one or the other. There are halogen, fluorescent bulbs, LEDs and with different shapes such as the rounded shape and candle. And you see all the options and does not know which is the best for your home.

These doubts are that tries to solve the OSRAM Light Finder application. This application is used to choose the most appropriate lighting in each case by running a few simple steps. First of all there is that Select Cap light bulb we need and choose from the available forms. rounded, candle…

Then we decided to the power that we want to, i.e., Watts going to consume our bulb, if what we want are adjustable lamps and if we prefer lighting warm or cold. Then the application suggests is the technology of lighting: Halogen, fluorescent compact or LED, that suits us in our needs.

In addition the application also allows us to calculate the savings retrieved with the chosen light, compared with what would be a traditional incandescent light bulb of all life. That way we can better understand why us compensates for the purchase of a certain light bulb and how good can be an appropriate choice for our pocket.

In addition to help in the choice of bulbs, OSRAM Light Finder also serves to Choose lamps through simulation virtual spaces. The application offers an option in which the user can photograph your own home and simulate lamps directly on it. And there are plenty of models of lamps to choose from.

Ultimately the application gives us the choice of light bulbs and lamps, trying to help that I find the most suitable products for our home. The application, very easy to use, is free and you can download for smartphone and tablet in the App Store and Google Play. The application is also available in several languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Polish and Swedish.