Operation Triumph 2006 Promotes The Latest Sony MP3

Ignore a platform for promotion as television is something can not give brands in almost no time. And if they can do so through a program like Operación Triunfo, with a share on Sunday almost 30% and 4 million viewers, mostly young people desire and possibilities of spending money, why Miss the opportunity?

It is what Sony has done in this edition of music program. If I remember correctly each year contestants are presented with latest MP3 players so they can rehearse all day. This year the star will be the new MP3 of Sony, which looks like a flashlight and has its odd design and sports functions as big incentives.
From experience I know that today many of the spectators who saw Jesús Vázquez presented yesterday in prime time a small player, the last as he called it, are today asking for their parents or buying them their own.

A very effective way of Sony put in the mouth of your potential clients a player that also does nothing bad paint.

Ensure a few months from now in which your MP3 will appear across the screen many times, with characters that identifies a part of the public and probably some that another campaign more throughout the program.