NewLight Portraits Wants to Give Life to Your Photos in Paper Illuminated with Lights LED

Digital photography has become popular quickly in our lives, while when it comes to enjoy the images and display them at home many are still resorting to the role and the traditional frames more than digital.

The problem of these analog systems is to view its contents properly we depend on much of the ambient lighting available, something that seeks to solve NewLight Portraits Thanks to the LED technology.

Basically we are faced with a series of frames to our pictures on whose back has been installed a system of LED light bulbs which illuminates the images from the rear to provide them with their own light, improve the brightness and contrast.

According to its creators, its system offers durability of 100,000 hours of use, equivalent to having it on continuously for 10 years (must connect it to the mains, since they do not have built-in batteries).

Is the price? Because it depends on the model and size that you want to buy. There are from 8 x 10 inches up to 24 x 36 and the cheapest they split the $ 200.