New Sharp LED Bulbs, Say Goodbye to Incandescent Bulbs

Sharp will introduce six new models in the Japanese market of LED bulb included in the family which, according to the manufacturer, achieved a few dimensions of brightness well above the standards set by the lighting industry. Alone reached an intensity of 500 lumens with a light efficiency of 96 lm/W.

These data are translated into the real possibility of illuminating a stay with an LED bulb equivalent to an incandescent bulb intensity of 60 Watt, with the proviso that Sharp light bulb needs only a power of 5.2 Watts for optimum performance.

Surely more than one you will be throwing the hand in the pocket or making your own mental traditions about the possibility of installing this type of lighting throughout House. Unfortunately, we must inform you that these new bulbs they are only available in the Japanese country at the moment, where will begin to market them starting Aug. 25.

The price of units included in the aforementioned family coming into circulation accompanied by the four remaining models belonging to the families is still unknown DL-JC2BL E17 y DL-LA41N/LA32L E26.

Latter, more suitable for lighting large areas such as shopping centers, help a new lamp globe and spider that provide a better distribution of the light, allowing regular from the intensity until the color of the lighting.

If we take into account that the estimated of each duration is of 40,000 hours, little more than about 17 years, well, we could say that the investment is worthwhile.