Nanoleaf Aurora, a Kit of Panels LED to Be The Most Creative Lighting Your Home

The Smart LED light bulbs they are now part of the everyday life of many users seeking to save electricity at the time who get improvements such as a more precise control of lighting in your home. However, in general we have simple light bulbs without much ability to interact with each other.

This is just the strong point of the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit, a set of LED panels that promises the creation of geometrical figures to taste of the user (performed with triangles), each with a precise control of the colors and light.

Each triangular panel has dimensions of 21 x 24 cm and a weight of 210 grams, that by itself just isn’t much. But the grace of the matter is that we connect up to 30 of them to a same control unit so that form a whole which will manage in two possible ways.

The first is from the own control panel, which you can turn on and turn off the lights and select various preprogrammed patterns. The second is from a application for iOS and Android that will allow us to squeeze thoroughly set selecting, panel by panel, the lighting that you want.

Individual control of each panel

We can choose in each triangle of 2 Watts and up to 100 lumens color from a temperature of 2,200 K to 5,000 K and whites from 2,200 up to 6.000 K, luminous intensity, choose power patterns and animations and even to perform actions in response to commands of Siri and Alexa.

Communication between the panels is carried out by means of the Home WiFi network in the band of 2.4 GHz and the good thing about the invention is that the control system is able to identify, in real time, the number and position of the panels, with what your scheme will appear immediately on the mobile easier configuration.

As for food, each source can give power to 30 panels and you can connect to any of them on either side, allowing easy installation of the set.

Price and availability

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit already be booked on the website of the company for the time being only for the United States, at a price of $200 for the basic kit with control panel and 9 panels. Each additional group of 3 panels will cost others 60 dollars more.