Movistar, His New Tele and The Nightmare of Closed Ecosystems

Some look to the great technology and hope something seemingly impossible: to understand the market. You understand that today one does not gain user closing doors, but open windows, and they are the first with the obligation to innovate, be on the crest of the wave and prove its enormous resources to serve for something.

That is just what has not today Movistar, which launches its Screen Fusion as an ode to the closed ecosystems and as a proposal that closed many more doors that open. No to even enter a technical analysis of their performance as television, what is clear is offering to customers, which is very, very little.

As spearhead new television offer convergent

Bet on television is evident in Movistar, which after acquiring Canal + has made several strategic moves in this area now complete with a singular release: the of a television specially prepared to make the most of Movistar Fusion services.

The new Screen Fusion they are televisions with integrated decoder that come in sizes of 32 (HD Ready, 720 p) and 40 inches (Full HD, 1080 p) and will have different prices for customers of Movistar Fusion + fiber:

  • For the new customers fiberglass Movistar Fusion + 300 Mb with the Premium package or higher of television 32 inch model will be free of charge, while the 40-inch model will cost 120 euros.
  • The current customers Movistar have Fusion + fiber or applying for 300 Mb with the Premium package or higher may also request Screen Fusion by 50 euros for the 32-inch model and 170 euros per 40 ‘ model.

Movistar highlights that television “will have no permanence or commitment for new or existing customers”, but that is a truth, as we shall see below. The connection can be made via WiFi, but on the back We also find a RJ45 port for Ethernet connections (not specified if Fast Ethernet 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet).

The options available include also the integrated disc behaves like the traditional Movistar +, and can record programs or access to the programming of the last seven days. They have barely mentioned technical details on the panel, but we do know makes use of LED technology and is the viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Your TV is not your tele

A priori this launch of Movistar seems to be interesting because of the advantages that it offers to the clients of the service with higher cost of the operator. If they have no television can have one easily, but as long as those customers will realize that This TV never will be yours.

Movistar defines this product basically as “a decoder with built-in screen”, and as explained Xatakamovil partners, is a television show that Movistar is limited to lend you. It is not yours. If you are new customer does not pay anything for the from 32 “to subscribe to the right package (127 euros per month between fixed, mobile, connection and pay TV), but If you are already a customer you will have to pay 50 euros. That cost is increased for 40-inch model that is much more relevant resolutions 1080 p support, but that will cost you the above 120 new customers and 170 euros to those who already had a compatible package.

Television never is the client is, and if he leaves Movistar or ceases to have contracted that package Premium with all offer high-end Movistar, you will need to return the unit to the operator. As explained in the official press release, “as there is no permanence or commitment by the customer, this can unsubscribe from the service and return the Television without penalty”.

If you want to use the TV for something else, forget

In this definition of is Movistar clear conception of the operator for this product, but it’s also the controversy not coming at this rental model without option to purchase, but that in addition There are serious limitations in the technical section.

The TV has an HDMI port, but It will not be possible to use it as a video output: “is only available for audio equipment, if you plug a console does not recognize the video signal, only the audio.” We want people to use it to connect Home Cinema,”explained managers from Movistar.

This limitation did not seem to pose a problem for the operator, whose leaders in fact confirmed that the orientation of the product wasn’t the become the traditional smart TV in which one can enjoy different types of entertainment offerings. No: Movistar offer is clear and has a single objective that managers of the company highlighted in the advertisement:

Movistar gives more plus have more HDMI ports. We want more customers paying the Premium subscription

Movistar conceived this TV as a secondary or auxiliary TV, and not as the main equipment that one would traditionally enjoy in the living room. This approach is much less confusing, because when a user pay 77 euros per month for its connection of fibre and other 50 television offer Premium (although these promotional months that cost is reduced to 9.90 euros) you should be able to enjoy where wanted. What is clear in this ad is not if a new client requests when television with integrated desco can also ask the traditional disc to connect it to your main TV, although it is assumed that that desco is always part of the offer for new customers. We are trying to confirm it with Movistar.

Odious comparisons: how to raise that offer in Orange

The segment of convergent offerings back in more lively in recent times, and is demonstrated by the fact that just two days ago Orange threw a seemingly similar offer in which perpetrators They combined their converging plans with the possibility of acquiring a new TV.

Orange, however, conceived this option with a distinctly different philosophy: users will pay an extra that will depart from the 4.95 euros per month (depends on the chosen TV) for the loan of the TV, but they will stay with him after payment is complete, in any case it will be according to the promise of its leaders up to 65% lower than the market price.

Certain that it is not for models with integrated decoder, but it is also true that it is conventional televisions and not neutered as the J4500 Samsung’s 32-inch or the J5600 of 43 inches for customers of Orange (LG for the Jazztel models).

Orange’s own managers precisely they performed some statements to meet the new offer of Movistar. It’s the message of a competitor and there to look at it from that perspective, but the arguments are especially significant:

We do not believe in artificial barriers. If we improve the quality of our offer customers will want to be with us”. With these words the President of Telefónica Spain, Luis Miguel Gilpérez, announced the beginning of sales of mobile in September 2013 unlocked, offering the customer the option to acquire free terminals for use with any carrier. The company then claimed “having heard the demands of the users”.

Travel now in time until another September, this time of the year 2015. The same spokesman announced that the operator will begin to ” give away ” TVs to customers, which will retain only while they continue with the company, with decoder integrated to see only the content of Movistar TV. This initiative, which will be made in order to trade Christmas campaign, represents the return to a strategy of blocking and terminals – in this case TV – Telefónica’s gift. Returning to the words that Gilpérez delivered two years ago, the commercial proposal could be interpreted as some uncertainty of the company about the quality of its offer.

Interestingly, this announcement came few days after Telefonica, José María Álvarez Pallete, CEO alert danger will go towards a “feudal internet” in which customers are “captive” of the large platforms such as Android or iPhone, that do not allow to carry the digital lifestyle. Anything he said about the danger that customers are “prisoners” of a TV.

Difficult not to draw similar conclusions in view of the offer launched by Movistar with your Screen melting and philosophy that will be launched this new product which forms part of its convergent offer.

Tired of closed ecosystems and walled gardens

Create closed ecosystems It is not something new for the giants of the technology industry, as it is not for many other companies in many other areas. In what touches us, technology, it has been demonstrated that only a few companies can defend this model in which users are circumscribed and limited to an enterprise solutions.

It is the famous dish of lentejas.* * or eat them, or leave them *. But that dish has to give much of themselves so that users take it. The current technological reference is probably Apple, that for years defend control and ecosystem closed as a success that has effectively arguments in favor (the myth of the “it just works”), but that has many others against.

Be that as it may, many other companies have tried to follow that model (Microsoft Windows), try it to now (again Microsoft, but also Google or Amazon), and will try it in the future with the same arguments that wielded both Apple and the rest of the companies. They are walled, priori fantastic gardens for the user, that you don’t have to worry about anything, and afterwards – for who wants to think about it – a threat to our freedom of choice, competition and even for innovation.

Telefonica/Movistar does not help with that schema. The benchmark operator in our country wields with Screen melting a broken concept of a company that It seems to follow with the head in the past in which his mastery allowed him to make and unmake to your liking.

This (logical) obsession with customer acquisition is making the company Remember to retain the current: not it penalizes only them now for trusting the company for months (or years) and makes them pay for a TV that should just go cheaper. Also does the same thing to implement other solutions as your new router all in one, which we already spoke in June and that it penalizes new lifetime customers: they install it free to new customers, but life don’t know if you can access one day, and if you do it will have to pay an extra.

Times have changed, the alternatives have appeared, and close doors to users and limit options disguising them a bet by the simplicity or (arguably) saving is a demonstration that MoviStar they are not just looking to the future.


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