More LED Bulbs Wi-Fi, Now in The Hand of GreenWave Reality

If earlier in the week my colleague Pedro spoke to us of LED bulbs from Philips, I now my talk you of GreenWave Reality bet, that basically comes to bring us the same product with one slightly lower price.

The operation of these LED bulbs has no mystery, so does not require any complex installation. We simply need to connect a special to our router device so that the bulbs, via Wi-Fi, can be controlled. Either with the remote or with applications for mobile phones and tablets will have complete control over these bulbs, being able to adjust your intensity and make monitoring energy expenditure in each area of the House.

GreenWave Reality knows that the price of these bulbs is high, might not for what they really are, but yes to the common user, that you can not avoid compared to traditional light bulbs and their price affordable. For this reason the company has prepared a kit with a price of $200 which includes 4 bulbs, and intends to sell the electric companies so they offered them cheaper to its customers.

Whatever LED bulbs have come to stay, now you just have to see as large electrical companies react.