Mode Night Light and The Gestures of The Fingerprint Reader Does Not Reach The Nexus

There are two new features of Android 7.1 Nougat that we have escaped because they are not available in the 5 X and Nexus Nexus 6 p, and it is not because they are exclusive of the new Pixel. This is due to the limitations of hardware.

A Google employee has clarified that the new mode Night light and the new gestures of the fingerprint reader to display notifications are not in the Nexus because they do not have the compatible hardware for this purpose.

In the case of mode Night light It is a composer of interface hardware instead of using a Shader GL software uses, and the Nexus not have this hardware component. The night light mode ink screen with a warm tone to gradually filter the blue light when it’s dark. In this way protects our sight and helps us to relax. This mode takes you implemented by software Google Play Books.

In the case of the gestures to open and close the notification bar from the fingerprint reader is because the 5 X and Nexus Nexus Reader 6 p do not recognize gestures, they only read tracks. Therefore, it is not available in the Nexus is function.