Mid-Light: Led Wifi Low Cost Controller

Just look at the number of articles or advertisements on the solution Philips Hue to see that fashion is at the connected RGB Led bulbs…

A market that is of interest to many manufacturers since it is now easy to find this kind of product in all forms and at all prices.

If certain solutions are around € 200 for 3 bulbs and a controller, we also find kits at prices really very affordable and from thirty euros.

I won’t get into the game of comparison because each solution has its advantages and its disadvantages and too different specific characteristics.

In this article I will only introduce the mid-light range our partner Gearbest we sent in test, a well known solution of some geeks for its price and especially its API.

Mid-light rests on a controller WiFi/2, 4 GHz to connect with the various Led products, bulbs, spots, or headbands range RGB…

Available more often in the form of kit, you will find it here from €22 (Controller wifi + RGB led bulb) to which you can add a remote, extra Led bulbs, or a Ribbon RGBW Led controller.

Less than €30 so you can fly your bulb RGB Led of your smartphone Android or iOS and even integrate it with your home automation solution as long as you master a little API (see below).

  1. you start by installing the mid-light on your smartphone or Tablet Android or iOS application.
  2. connect the WiFi USB controller with the supplied cable to power it.
  3. configure the controller WiFi access with your access point.

4 – Associate your Led products.

devices milight

Barely 2 minutes to install and set up your mid-light solution and forward the light environments depending on your mood

If you encounter a problem during installation, you can find help on our community G + home automation Info with the many people using the mid-light solution.

When I find a new solution connected, there is a point to which I bring a great importance, that of knowing if an API will allow me to integrate the product to my home automation solution.

And good news, just go on the site LimitlessLED to see that we will be able to do whatever you want with our mid-light incorporating it into our automation solutions. Beware, this does not mean that it is within the reach of all but it becomes possible.

LIMITLESSLED RGBW DIRECTLY SETTING THE BRIGHTNESS is by a 3-BYTE COMMAND: (First send the Group ON for the group you want to set the brightness for. You send the group we command before sending the 100ms 4th 1 B 55)
Byte1: 0x4E (decimal: 78)
Byte2: 0 × 02 to 0x1B (decimal range: 2 to 27) full brightness 0x1B (decimal 27)
Byte3: Always 0 × 55 (decimal: 85)

LIMITLESSLED RGBW COLOR SETTING is by a 3-BYTE COMMAND: (First send the Group ON for the group you want to set the color for You send the group. we command before sending the 40 100ms)
Byte1: 0 × 40 (decimal: 64)
Byte2: 0 × 00 to 0xFF (255 colors) See Color Matrix Chart for the different values below.
Byte3: Always 0 × 55 (decimal: 85)
Byte2: Color Matrix Chart: (thanks Stephan Schaade, http://knx-user-forum.de http://mknx.github.io/smarthome/)

Note there are more colours (0-255) in between, this color chart is just steps of 16.
0x00 Violet
Royal_Blue 0x10
0x20 Baby_Blue
0 x 30 Aqua
0x40 Mint
0 x 50 Seafoam_Green
0 x 60 Green
0 x 70 Lime_Green
0 x 80 Yellow
0 x 90 Yellow_Orange
0xA0 Orange
0xB0 Red
0xC0 Pink
0xD0 Fusia
0xE0 Lilac
0xF0 Lavendar

So it is quite possible to integrate the mid-light controller into most of our automation solutions and you will find many sites that deal with the different API on the Net…

The mid-light solution meets a great success and we understand why saw its possibilities, its range and especially its price since you can find a Mi-Light device of base with a Led bulb in our partner Gearbest for less than €30.

Very simple to implement, many communities, API, and compatible banners, spots, or Led bulbs. What kitted out at a low price for a result that has nothing to envy to other more expensive products.

The only small downside is that the mid-light controller occasionally loses its connection wifi, a minor problem because if I have noticed in the log wifi, I have so far never had worries to turn on or turn off my lights, it’s small disconnections that last only a few seconds without disrupting its use on a daily basis.

The mid-light solution is available from our partner Gearbest the WiFi controller from €12, you can even win a copy by participating in this contest

To participate in our contest and win a mid-light kit, you need to subscribe to the Facebook of GearBest in French page.

Then leave a comment with your Facebook username and we will draw the winner on August 11 among the participants.

Edict of 12/08/2015: the winner drawn by how Contest is “Thomas”. He will receive a mail to communicate its coordinates to our partner GearBest.

Thank you all and see you soon for the next contest.