Marmo Salvini Light, LEDs for Flush Mounting in Coatings

Apart from a punctual fever, the future of lighting seems to pass by the LED technology. We see traded in adhesive strips, in light bulbs, LEDs illuminating buildings… Economical in terms of consumption and versatile in use, they begin to flood our lives and insurance that, in the near future, we will begin to illuminate our homes with these light-emitting diodes.

Salvini Stile has manufactured a series of LED lights that are designed to be mounted in coatings, and can thus create walls that are born as small star lights. And not only walls, can also be placed in floors, outside or inside, depending on the model chosen. They can serve both importance and impact to a wall as to create paths that lead through the light.

In the image we see a beautiful example of use, embedded around the mirror, have continued in ceiling and floor, giving a dimension magic and very attractive to this bathroom. Clear that, like drugs or good wine, this type of built-in lighting should be taken in moderation, not to fall into excess.