Lighting of House at Christmas, All a Challenge for Which Te Is Some Ideas That May Be Useful

We are at the gates of Christmas and certainly who more and who less, think illuminate your home with lights, a tree, or different types of ornaments that each year cuprous us different campaigns starting from decoration magazines either. This is now chic, and this is not a trend. Don’t be a tacky that some would say.

The case is that aside from the aesthetics, something that is left to the free choice of each, the truth is that far away are those bulbs that they would wrap in cables with which our fathers we helped decorate the tree or decorate the crib.

This change is seen in the houses, but also in the streets, in shop windows, decorated with festive adornments, which let know us that we must not delay. So the best thing is to think which is the lighting that suits us and if you’re still using bulbs of all the life will you give a name only: LED.

And is that LED technology has revolutionized the world of lighting and penetrated into our lives at all levels, especially by the saving and great possibilities when it comes to playing with shapes and colors, something that could not escape the Christmas decoration.

The LED lights They allow placement almost anywhere, without producing heat and and with a minimal consumption of electricity. Either in the tree, at birth, in the doors and frames of the windows, terraces and furniture of the House… depends on the taste of each, we illuminate every corner of the House without problem. Our imagination is the limit.

And having said all that, when it comes to liven up Christmas at home, We can take into account suggestions to achieve an optimum result. So we can choose to make us with LED lighting products, either lamps or bulbs, with prices for all budgets.

Lamps, spotlights and LED bulbs at affordable prices

It is important to note that there are many types of LED bulb, many brands, models with different characteristics. It is to choose the most suitable bulb for every occasion.

So if we have space at home we can opt to mount a projector that will make us think we’re in a planetarium, surrounding all star for nearly 40 euros. Discreet is not, of course.

If you are looking for a string lights, options like this, for less than 15 euros insurance that they may be useful to give a touch different to windows, frames, doors and any space provided… that Yes, with a plug nearby. Even there are larger and also more striking.

Y If all of this you still short, You can always put on the door of the kitchen a curtain of LEDs so that when you take out the chicken on Christmas day are target ideal for any family photo. In this sense not only frames, even can create domes on the roof based on LED lights… the limit is in the imagination.

It is of affordable but ephemeral products, in such a way that when the holidays come to an end it is dismantling them. But and if we want to have our House lit throughout the year and at Christmas only having to click to give that special touch?

Special lighting throughout the year

In that case we can resort to LED bulbs, a light bulbs that can be controlled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from mobile phones and that give a different environment each time and how not at Christmas. From the sofa you can thus turn off the Hall light, or simply give a tone of other color become the occasion specific.

Here we already got price and a good example can be the Kit Philips Hue White and Color, which includes 3 connected light bulbs E27 and the Hue bridge to control them from your mobile phone. The same There are controlled by Bluetooth models from the lowest mobile and they can get you out of trouble or simply help you define what decor you are looking for.

However, if you do not want to spend as much and don’t mind having several commands at home, There are much cheaper alternatives controllable light bulbs in an independent manner in which the price does not in many cases the 15 euros per unit and allow play with colors also without getting up from the sofa.

And all told, always well come a few tips when it comes to generate the best possible lighting, on the basis that everyone has their tastes and that the same form of Pocket space or limitations affecting the end result has.

Thus we can say that It is interesting to place the LED strips around mirrors or in the arms of lamps, seeking always to create striking forms based on Christmas. If you want to draw the attention you can use a strip of led inside a glass jar, making a striking effect (ideal is with LED strips powered with batteries and electrical outlet without).

We also can use these LED strips and bulbs on terraces, balconies and gardens (those who have them) helping to that end of the planters, trees or any tool that we have at hand.

As we can see the LED lights allow a nearly infinite game where our imagination sets the limit and, why not say it, our pocket.


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