Light Bulbs: These Large Forgotten When Cleaning Dust

A couple of weeks ago my colleague minuet hinted it in his post about cleaning the dust but today I wanted to do a post just so you remember: is essential clean the dust out of light bulbs, at least once every two weeks. Lamps tend to be the great forgotten in weekly cleanings since as we always see its bottom not fall on them accumulates dirt.

It is very important to devote five minutes from our thorough cleanings to remove dust from light bulbs, either with a cloth wet or dry, especially with new bulbs that are carved as coiled and in whose nooks and crannies accumulate Lint and dirt. A simple gesture will make our home more when they are on and leave a more hygienic environment.

May this post you seem a no-brainer but, many of you include light bulbs when you do the? weekly cleaning in your House?