As we have said more than once, Philips is of the few brands whose most conceptual developments, often reach the market in the form of commercial products.

The ideas they are born in their laboratories, displayed them in its annual Simplicity and after a while you can see the light. That has happened, never better, with their systems of Ledino and Ecomoods home lighting.

The commitment of Philips by digital home especially focused on responsible consumption has resulted in a pair of new consumption luminaires. The key to them is found in the use that is made of the LED technology systems of lighting in the home. No longer limited to commercial applications but they are slowly entering our House. We again see previous progress in electronics gradually becomes more everyday uses, and we are delighted that.

The range Ledino, It was shown as we have said in the event of this year Moscow, usa Power LED technology to get natural light at the same time as better energy use. The equivalence of this type of light is that of a typical halogen bulb of 40W, but with consumption of only 7.5 W. Also its half-life is at least 20 years, making it the highest price is rewarded every day.

On the other hand, the range Ecomoods more emphasis on design, in traditional environments, but also caring for the consumer.


Wall Lighting

Wall Lighting