LED t8 Tube Lamp: Energy Saving – Dicico

“LED t8 tube lamp has been improved and become more attractive to consumers. They are more compact, more energy-efficient, last much longer and prices are reducing “, explains Carlos Andreolli, commercial Director of Dicico, building materials retailer with 57 stores in the State of São Paulo in Brazil.

LED t8 tube lamp is the Dicico tip to save energy

Tubular LED t8 lamps has become an increasingly attractive option for consumers. In addition to low power consumption, which is a differential in age of high fares, the product has a lifetime 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

She has a lifespan of 50,000 hours what makes last 6 times longer than conventional. Already the incandescent lamps more common are 1,000 hours life on average, while the compact fluorescents more sold usually have 6,000 hours of useful life. Because of this durability, there is no need to perform corrective. This is for the Pocket.

This scenario, coupled to a greater concern for saving energy, have generated an increase in searches for these LED bulbs. In addition, as a LED t8 tube lamp can last up to 13 years, it is a conscious consumption which reduces the use of natural resources for your production and decreases the disposal of products.

“The Tubular LED is able to save on average 90% energy compared to an incandescent, and 63% of energy when compared to a fluorescent, in addition to last much longer. Thus, we recommend to customers that it is worth investing in these products, because the amount spent on the purchase of a LED t8 tube lamp will be offset in the Bill. Moreover, they are much more sustainable products, “concludes Andreolli.