LED Lamp is McDonald’s Investment for Energy Reduction

McDonald’s announced that starting this month, all the restaurants of the network opened in Brazil will be equipped with LED light bulbs.

With this, the economy of electric energy in lighting of the restaurants you can reach 40%. In the medium term, the measure will be extended to more than 800 restaurants in the country.

Parking lots and drive-thru 40 have branded restaurants are illuminated with LED light bulbs. The luminaires generate a savings of up to 80% of electricity used for lighting outside of each restaurant. The new LED light bulbs have a shelf life of 50000 hours, remaining in operation for a total period of up to 11 years if considered 12 hours of daily use -which helps to significantly reduce the costs and maintenance. In addition, do not harm the environment, do not contain lead or mercury.

According to Sérgio Antonon, Project Director and engineering of McDonald’s, the company sought a new lighting technology not only have a financial economy, but mainly to enlarge the rational use of natural resources in the operation of the network in Brazil. “We have a great commitment to sustainability, and the use of these led lamps strengthens our efforts in search of a more sustainable operation in our restaurants, “she adds.

Another sustainable measure the network implemented deals with conscious consumption of water. Since last month, the drive-thru restaurants McDonald’s have tanks or water tanks to store rainwater. This water is used for cleaning sidewalks and in discharge of restrooms. With this, the company was able, until now a 30% reduction in your consumption of water.