Led lamp.Difference Between Dome Transparent Dome Matte

The lighting is part of our life in a way indisputable. She is so present that it is not always care about the quality with which it works in the space. The intensity, the focus, the amplitude of the light, are factors that can also be defined by the chosen model, mainly by the type of summit.

Led lamp.Difference Between Dome Transparent Dome Matte

You should already have noticed that lamps and luminaires can have different types of dome, expect acoberta the lamp, and they are also responsible for modifying the tone and direction of the lighting.

There are two types of domes are very common, flat and transparent, and not everyone has a notion about the functionality of each one.

The goal of the summit transparent

The dome is transparent it transmits light more raw, therefore more strong, ideal for large environments, and in need of lighting needs.

Tip: the light emitted by the LED lamps is always uniform and well-utilized independent of the amplitude reached by them.

The goal of the summit matte

The dome matte is made of milky glass, and responsible for lighting more comfortable. The dome milky neutralizes the direct action of the light and makes it softer, so it is usually used in places that are more relaxed, where the décor is also a criterion of choice.

Tip: the material in which the cupola, the lining, and own format the LED lamps of the G-light are chosen to take advantage of the maximum of the emission of light, making the lamp more powerful and accurate .