LED Bulb Tubular Makes Works of the Prado Museum be Reborn!

LED tube lamp, at first sight, the Prado Museum visitors find that valuable collection was restored recently: the works seem to have retrieved all your splendor, free of impurities and oxidized substances. However, it is an optical illusion caused by the replacement of lamps halogenas for LED tube lamp. The ambitious project “illuminating the Prado”, deployed because the European Union prohibits the manufacture of halogenas lamps from 2016. The project was funded by the Iberdrola and cost an estimated between 800,000 and 1 million euros.

The 15 rooms of the museum devoted to the 19TH century and a part of the work of Goya are already lit by LED tube lampas the room where displays the temporary exhibition of Flemish painter Rogier Van der Weyden.

In this way, the black paintings of Goya, one of the Crown jewels of the Museo del Prado, no longer seem so black: the lighting of the LED tube lamp allows one to enjoy with more clarity and sharpness the colorful and the details of the strokes of the Aragonese artist. “Always had color and clarity because, above all, Goya was a veritable master of light. His paintings were given that name in black Gutiérrez Solana, Spain at the end of the 19th century, in 1898, began to value the negro, and so was. But it’s a mistake,” said Manuela Mena primary curator of 18TH century painting and Goya, in the presentation of the project who replaced incandescent bulbs by tubular LED light bulbs.

It is expected that in 2017 have been changed the 2500 Meadow lamps. The girls, of Velasquez, will be the last work to be bathed by LED tube lamp.