LampChamp Adds a USB Charger to Your Current Lamps

A few days ago spoke of Powerbulb, an LED bulb that offered a USB port which connect our gadgets to recharge their batteries. It might have its utility, but the main drawback is that We depended on the bulb. If it breaks down we lose the grace of the invention.

Today we bring you a product similar in the background but conceptually different, since it leaves the LED bulb aside and focuses on creating an intermediate recharging station connectable to any conventional Cap.

It’s about LampChamp company Olens Technology and his idea consists of a wall for current lamps that we will later connect LED lights that we want and that offers a USB port 2 amp to charge your phone or Tablet.

It has also a separate switch to turn on or turn off the light, so that we can use the charger regardless of lighting.

Price and availability

LampChamp can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website for a price that is around the $20.