It Becomes Your Photographic Equipment Lighting LED

It is unquestionable that the LED It is a technology that is currently being introduced in almost all areas. While there are from the ‘ 60s, it was not until recent years that have begun to use in applications more than being simple indicator lights.

The main advantage of the LED (and by what is being introduced so quickly) is due to its very low consumption in comparison with the rest of lighting solutions. An LED lamp consumes 90% less energy than a typical halogen lamp. This aspect is very important in photography, so we get much less heavy equipment, because we don’t have a big battery to get the same autonomy.

In addition, the LED does not emit heat and its durability is practically infinite, or at least far superior to the life of the rest of the team. Moreover, in the event that some LED to break, the team is not disabled, because each LED lamp is composed of dozens of small LED bulbs.

Photography and video were not to be outdone, and already there is a company dedicated to manufacture lighting with LED technology equipment. It is of Litepanels and already have a wide range of products: from windows of 1x1m up to underwater photography equipment.

The main drawback that has LED today is its price, quite superior to the rest of technologies; you have to do us to assess whether pay more money is going to be seen offset by other advantages that this technology offers. Without going any further, a 1 x 1 m panel costs us a whopping of 1500 euros.

We can also be sure, that like all technology, lower price over time, and for any type of photography, especially when it is essential that the team despite little or that autonomy is important, it will become an indispensable tool.