IPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Turns Your IPhone into a Practical Flashlight

A trick which, being an addition to the new version of the operating system that most likely will be presented at the WWDC, can result as absurd as useful. Its assessment would be the same as being a simple bug that has not been suitably purified Beta 4 of iPhone OS 4.0, which many have already installed in our devices.

The complexity for activation, as well as to return the iPhone to a normal functioning, simplicity does think at first that this is a feature implemented completely deliberately. They are only necessary three consecutive keystrokes on the power button to turn the smartphone into a practical light source. One single keystroke and the phone returns itself.

Should not surprise us too much, because in the App Store, there are many applications that perform similar functions. Evidence of that in Cupertino are too bored or best features incorporated into the new generation of iPhone, despite the absurdly practical that can result can not think. Will it be already everything invented in mobile telephony?